How did the claims start?
Who are the Sulu Claimants?
How does the Sulu Claims relate to the 2013 armed invasion of Sabah?
What is Malaysia’s response to the claim and the arbitration award?
Who is funding the Sulu Claimants?
Who is Dr Gonzalo Stampa?
Why did Malaysia not respond to the initial arbitration process?
What is the relevance of the letter sent by Malaysia’s former Attorney General, Tommy Thomas, to the claimants in September 2019?
Who would benefit from the enforcement of the arbitration award?
Did the Sulu Claimants manage to seize any assets belonging to the Government of Malaysia?
Should international investors be concerned about the Sulu case?
Why has Malaysia submitted police reports on the so-called Sulu claimants and their representative, Paul H. Cohen?
Why did Malaysia bring criminal proceedings against Dr Stampa?
What has been the outcome of the criminal trial?
What is the current status of the Sulu case?