The Government of Malaysia is battling an international arbitration award that threatens the sovereignty and security of the country.
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What Malaysia is fighting for

In February 2022, eight individuals that claim to be the descendants of the so-called Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram II, received an award of $14.9bn against the Government of Malaysia. Over 16% of Malaysia’s yearly budget is now at stake.  

Malaysia completely rejects the award, does not recognise its legitimacy, and is litigating across Europe to ensure that the award is overturned.
The Sulu case is a sophisticated abuse of the arbitral process and international law. It is an attempt to hold a sovereign state to ransom, and the continued existence of the award tarnishes the reputation of the globally respected arbitration system.


A timeline of the case, covering the history of the dispute dating back to the signing of the 1878 Agreement to the present day.



What is the current status of the dispute? Who are the claimants? See here forthe frequently asked questions in this case.

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See here for the latest media coverage and official statements.

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